Private Pilot License Eligibility and Requirements

  • Age 16 to become a Student Pilot, 17 to become a Private Pilot – Rotorcraft.
  • Able to read, speak, write and understand the English language.
  • Pass a written knowledge test (multiple choice questions).
  • Receive flight training and logbook endorsements from an authorized Flight Instructor (Minimum 40 hrs flight time to include at least 30 hrs dual instruction and 10 hrs solo flight).
  • Meet certain experience requirements for example cross country and night flying.
  • Pass a practical flight test and oral exam with an FAA Examiner.
  • Hold at least a Class 3 Medical Certificate.
  • Est cost $13-$15,000

Currently we offer all of our training under part 61 of the Federal Aviation Regulations.

 We are in the process of working on getting part 141 certification and will update when the application has been approved.

Training Resourses

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Robinson R22 $315

Robinson R22 $315

Cessna 172 IFR Trainer $150

Cessna 172 IFR Trainer $150

Private Pilot Certificate 

The Private Certificate is for anyone who wants to fly for fun and recreation. You can take your family and friends for rides or just transport yourself from one location to the next. Many people also take this course to gain additional knowledge and experience for future ratings. 

You begin the work for this certificate with instruction in the basic operations of the helicopter. Ground training and flight training are combined so you will be in the cockpit on day one. Your ground training will include topics such as airport and heliport operations, radio procedures, weather and navigation, while your hands-on training will focus on your first major goal of flying the helicopter solo.

You will also start to learn maneuvers like hovering and autorotations and how to operate safely from a tower-controlled airport. From there you will move on to more advanced lessons such as night flying and cross-country flying.

 The final part of your private training involves sharpening the skills you have learned in preparation for the FAA’s practical examination (checkride). An FAA-designated examiner will conduct this test, and upon successful completion, you will receive your Private Pilot Certificate.

The minimum hour requirement for a Private Pilot Certificate is 35 hours of ground training and 40 hours of flight training. Most people complete their training in 50-60 hours. However, since every student learns at his or her own pace we cannot guarantee a specific timeframe for completion. We will not compromise your safety just to guarantee a minimum number of hours towards your certification.

Commerical Pilot Certificate 

If you fly for hire, you will need to have a Commercial Pilot Certificate. These courses will take you beyond what you learned in the private pilot training and introduce you to many advanced maneuvers. You will start with ground training which includes advanced helicopter aerodynamics and the rules and regulations for operating a helicopter commercially. The emphasis in this stage of the training is placed on professionalism, helicopter power management, pinnacles, confined areas and using good judgment.

The FAA minimum required hours for a Commercial Pilot Certificate is 30 hours of ground training and 115 of flight training. At least 20 of those hours must be completed with a flight instructor, but the actual amount of time spent on dual training will depend on the additional training chosen.